Youtube as a Free and Full Stack Data Science Program


There are many resources to be a data scientist. Generally, for certification, many people decide to learn from courses or course bundles from MOOC platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity etc. Also, some people decide to learn data science at master programs at a university. Many of these programs are paid and also have a standard syllabus. Some of these programs, may also be helpful.

Here, I try to collect some full (and tutorial length) courses from Youtube in a systematic way to build a comprehensive end to end data science syllabus. All of them are free. There are no certifications but I would recommend that take notes, build projects and upload them to your github repo. This will be your real certificate for confirmation.


All of the resources shared in this article are free and if one want to build a roadmap to be a full stack data scientist for free, these resources may be helpful. Also, note that this article will be updated periodically. Enjoy it!

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